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It’s that time of year again, that time where I finally stop neglecting my blog and furiously post updates and share shoots from the spring and summer. I am wildly impressed and in awe of those photographers who can have a busy season, keep up with friends and family and still find time to blog! It seems to be my most easily neglected part of my business. But I can say from personal experience it felt pretty cool to have my wedding photos shared on my photographer and my coordinator’s pages last year, so I promise I won’t entirely neglect my super fun shoots and weddings!! You guys all deserve to be shared like crazy because you’re cute as hell! All of you.

Speaking of cute as hell. Look at this pup and little guy, and their parents are pretty damn cute too! I had the honor of photographing Erin & Nick’s wedding years ago so to see them with a full on family is such a delight! Their little one could have been cuter, even if he was a little stoic from a fever, he was still a little charmer!

Sorry everyone for being SOOO behind, but watch out for like 93 posts coming your way!!


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At this point, it’s almost funny how behind I always am at blogging. I don’t do it on purpose, I swear! I’ve just got lots to do and puppies to pet, and high fives to give!

But back to business. This shoot will forever be a very special one to me and a reminder of how quickly life can change. In 2015 I photographed a wedding for a lovely couple, Myra  and Alex. Since their amazing day, I’ve photographed both of their families several times and kept in touch with them over social media. In February Joan, Alex’s mother contacted me to tell me the scary news that she had breast cancer, but that it was ok, she wanted to take some empowering photos to show that you can be strong, and happy even while going through something terrible. I was immediately touched and knew I would absolutely do this shoot and I wouldn’t take a penny for it. It was a while after that that we got to taking the pictures, cancer treatments zapped her energy and life got in the way. But the timing ended up being just right, we were able to meet up on her birthday just days after her last cancer treatment. What an amazing day to celebrate and to remember forever!


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Remember when I said I wasn’t great at blogging? Welllllll…. here’s a wedding from FEBRUARY that has been in my drafts folder for a million years! I don’t know how it slipped through the cracks, especially since it was such an amazing day!!

I loved so many things about this perfect day! It was such a sweet, genuine and touching wedding between two very amazing people. They didn’t care that it rained, they didn’t worry about the details, they were just so happy to be married and to finally be together! These two have had a long journey and spent the early part of their relationship struggling with living in entirely different countries. What would have destroyed many other relationships seems to only have made these two stronger. They texted, talked, skyped and kept regular dates with each other despite being in different timezones which is more than most couples do who live in the same city! I’m impressed, so happy for them and so incredibly honored to be there to help them document their amazing day!

Sorry for the MAJOR delay in sharing this!!



Hair & Makeup: Salon Nirvana

Wedding Dress: Blush Bridal

Bridal Accessories: Earrings – Senhoa

Ceremony Location: Deep Woods Events

Officiant: Dusty Johnson

Caterer: Billy Macs

DJ: Justin Turcotte

Desserts: Market of Choice & toppers made by Bloom Cafe Siem Reap

Favors: Coffee Sleeves – Agape International Mission

Decor: Deep Woods and handmade

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Back to blogging, and in style with this amazing Sweet Cheeks Winery wedding! What a perfect place for a totally chill and super fun wedding! I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxed, a happier or a more fun couple to adventure around with! Any goofy idea I had, Lauren and Frank were totally game for! They were so perfectly at ease together and so happy to just be getting married. If you ask me, that’s what I think is the perfect couple. I know it’s so easy to get so worried about the details of the wedding day, but at the end of the day it’s all about getting to marry your best friend. Nothing else really matters! Lauren and Frank embodied that sentiment to me! You could feel the nervous energy from both of them leading up to the first look, but the moment they saw each other you could just feel those nerves going away and any stress going out the door. It was an amazing shift and something that shows me these two are better together and meant to be.

How incredible is it that I even get to be there, to witness and document such a sweet moment and such an amazing day!?


Prep Location: Sweet Cheeks Farmhouse

Hair & Make Up: Bride: Kelsey Garrison (hair) and Rachelle Johnson (makeup)

Bridesmaids Makeup: Halee Pyatt (instagram: @mu_by_halee)

Wedding Dress: Blush Bridal

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Azazie

Florist: Lynn Bridges

Location: Sweet Cheeks Winery

Officiant: Jack McFall

Caterer: Market of Choice

DJ: Allen Carter (Apogee Events)

Desserts: Frosted Excuses

Rentals: Parties to Go

Décor: For the Love of Pete

Videographer: Ark Film Productions

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I’m excited to finally get to blog this sweet little early summer wedding. These cuties decided to get married in one of their favorite campgrounds that they and their families have been visiting for years. They reserved the entire campground for only family and friends to stay and party the night away after a nice little ceremony. The wedding had all sorts of lovely details, but what I was loving was the gorgeous woodsy surroundings and the lovely early summer weather! It was an honor to be there to help Kimberley and Trevor celebrate their day and to document the ceremony and the lovely party!


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