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Ok, so we all know I’m not super on top of my blogging, but normally I keep things at least within a couple months… this one slipped through the cracks! When prepping some upcoming blogs I noticed this AMAZING, drop dead gorgeous wedding is just sitting in my drafts folder. I love love loved this wedding so I’m so sad I didn’t post it early. But I guess, better late than never!

Brandi & Reza’s wedding was a first in my ways for me, a first for learning the ins and outs of a Persian ceremony, a first in trying some amazing new food and desserts and a first at this gorgeous venue! I was honored to be trusted to cover a type of wedding ceremony I had not yet experienced and thanks to plenty of wedding blogs, youtube videos and the beautiful bride Brandi I learned so much and prepared myself for such a delightful ceremony! I am certainly not experienced enough now to tell you all about it, but I found this article to be incredible helpful!

Not only was this ceremony such a new and amazing experience for me, I was delighted by the attention to detail, the amazing floral design and the wonderful venue. That all pales in comparison to how good looking and incredibly in love Brandi & Reza ((were)) and still are, it always warms my heart to see a couple so compatible, so happy to be together and so on the same page. It was an incredible wedding, one I will not forget!


Location: Zenith Vineyard

Hair & Make Up: Blossom & Beauty (PDX)

Wedding Dress: Blush Bridal

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Azazie

Florist: Distinctive Designs by Denice

Officiant: Farhad Bahram

Caterer: Loustic Catering

DJ: Steve – Only The Best Sound

Desserts: Miriam with Myriad Cake Design

Rentals: For The Love Of Pete and Danner & Soli

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Have I told you guys about how much I love Sweet Cheeks lately?! Doing photos for them is my favorite, my second favorite, shooting weddings there! I just finished up editing a GORGEOUS wedding out there and I’m falling in love all over again! What a delightful venue, ESPECIALLY when you add extra bistro lights, that dance floor was everything! If you haven’t check out the winery, go have some Rosy Cheeks and think of me! 😉


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Another day, another blog!! Still trying to catch up with all my blogging, but shooting more than ever so I feel like I will forever be behind. So bare with me! I got to photograph my friends who graciously let me practice on some maternity shots. That belly adds a whole new challenge to what would normally be a more traditional family photo! But I do love a good challenge and some fun practice with folks I like!

Thank you Pelroy Fam!!



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If you’ve talked to me in person, read my blog or followed any of my social media accounts you know how passionate/obsessed I am with dogs. I love every dog I come across (unless they are mean to my babypup) and have so much fun photographing them. To the point of getting an INSANE number of photos of any dog at a shoot or wedding. They are just the best and we need to celebrate that every chance we get! So when I find people who love their dogs, it makes me love them even more! I already knew Mellissa was awesome, but when I heard she wanted photos with her pup Rosco, it made me SO excited!! Rosco has been with her for so many life changing moments and through the highs and lows! Celebrating that time together and documenting the bond between the two of them was the goal for this shoot, I think we nailed it!


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