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Early in the summer I was all over blogging weddings, then the full force of wedding season hit me and blogging went right out the window as did all other minor behind the scenes business things, also yardwork.. and relaxign..

But now it’s the off season and I can get back to life and share all the amazing things I had the pleasure of doing this summer!! Get ready for weddings, for families and just so many babies!

This wedding was a particularly amazing day! Lisa and Alan should go down in the record books for two of the most laidback and kind people! There was zero stress, zero drama, 100% love and happiness. Their families were amazing, their vows were the perfect combination of tearful, touching, amazing and positive and they TORE up the dance floor till the very last minute ending with the couple and their guests belting it out to Bohemian Rhapsody. You honestly couldn’t ask for more as a photographer, what a dream day!


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This was one of my favorite photo adventures of the summer for so many reasons! Not only were these two love birds just the cutest and the most laid back, but they were completely on board with every single one of my goofy ideas! They got into dressy clothes in the middle of the woods, climbed up the side of a waterfall and followed me all around the hike exploring some crazy terrain and beautiful sites! It was unseasonably cold and misty on this day, which actually worked out amazingly because if the sun hits the falls in the wrong way the mist is lit up too much and becomes quite a problem for photos. The overcast sky kept the falls looking epic, as well as giving us lovely light for portraits HOWEVER we were all pretty happy to be returning to warm cars at the end of the shoot. I followed the chilly shoot up with a dip in the hotsprings at Belknap which gave me the amazing idea of in the future doing fun waterfall photos followed up by some lifestyle photos at the hotsprings in the mist and steam! Stay tuned for whatever adventurous couple let’s me drag them to a waterfall and back to some springs!!


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I absolutely adore getting to be a part of big announcements in my friend’s lives, getting to help them share with the world their next big life step is something I feel incredibly honored to do. For these two, we got to commemorate Zach getting his PHD as well as having accepted a job in Colorado! Such a big exciting change and a fun way to share with friends and family is an adorable photoshoot including your wild little pup!! I’m so incredibly happy for these two and excited to continue watching them thrive in Colorado!


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You guys, I already have 15 blog posts in the queue and about a million more to prepare! Picking out photos, uploading them, tagging them and sorting out all the behind the scenes details takes way longer than you’d think or than I would like! But it will be all worth it when I get all my summer shoots online and I can neglect my blog for another 5 months! Weeeeeee

This was a super fun engagement session at the beginning of summer with just the sweetest couple in some of my favorite locations around Eugene! It’s such a blast getting to spend time with a couple as much as I can before their wedding, it not only makes wedding day photos easier but it’s feels so special documenting their big day once I know them! Vows feel so much more powerful, sweet quiet moments feel more touching and their joy is hard to ignore!

Never ever think about skipping your engagement session, it’s ALWAYS worth it!!


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