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And the blogging streak continues!!

This was such an incredibly challenging and amazingly fun day all rolled into one! I had to get up crazy early, struggle to find people I had never met before without cell reception and shoot in direct bright sun. All 100% worth it to be there to document such an amazing day for two incredibly sweet people! What a perfect day!


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Can we talk about the epic combination of horses and wedding dresses? If I could, I would have horses involved in every shoot I do!

I was so incredibly excited to do this day after session with Brianna and Mike! Changing the location to the gorgeous AspenWood Ranch just outside of Eugene to bring Brianna’s gorgeous horse into the mix was the stuff of dreams! We had so much fun got to take some amazing shots in a super relaxed environment was the perfect way to balance out the stress of the wedding day schedule from the day before. I highly recommend doing a day after session when you can, it allows you to get so many more photos of just the two of you, get to relax a little more and change the venue up! PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGE

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Just around Christmas I came to find my web site had become increasingly slower and almost unusable, which I’m fairly certainly isn’t the ideal way a website should be… I went through the challenging process of finding and switching over to a newer and hopefully much better host website. So please tell me if you find my website to be slow or a pain ever again! It took into the new year to get things really moving but I’m so happy things are looking great again!

I can finally blog oh so many amazing weddings from this last year! And you better believe I have exactly 30 blog posts prepped and you will be seeing all of them coming your way!

Let’s start with this amazingly perfect wedding out at Sweet Cheeks Winery with the kindest couple, the sweetest families and the RADDEST purple suit you will ever see. The unique and totally fun details are what 100% won me over. I mean, you can’t cut your cake with a damn sword and expect me NOT to take a thousand pictures while crying happy tears! I’m so incredibly happy for these two and I had just the best time ever adventuring around with them and getting to do a day after session with a horse… more on that soon!



Brianna & Mike’s Sweet Cheeks Wedding // Oregon WInery Wedding // Crow Oregon // Stevi Sayler Photography



Venue: Sweet Cheeks Winery

Second Photographer: Amanda Photographic

Dress: Joanna’s Bridal Boutique

Officiant: Willow Bacon

Caterer: Bill & Tims BBQ

DJ: Mandy Mac

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Another excellent find from my drafts folder is these two lovebirds and their pregnancy announcement! It was SO long ago, I seriously just did their family photos with the their little wild daughter! Sometimes I just get so overwhelmed with all these adorable shoots and amazing life changes that I forget to blog!! Ok, maybe I just forget to blog EVERYTHING.


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