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Fitting Your Entire Image into Instagram Without Cropping Using SquareReady

Good Morning Friends,

I loved putting together the last tutorial so I thought I would throw together a few more to share some of my favorite Iphone apps and fun photography related technology.


So here we have my last page of apps for my Iphone3gs, these are some of my most recent app additions, some odd like ZombieMe and other awesome like Diptic and SquareReady. Today we are going to talk about an app that is very important to the Instagram enthusiast.



As you can see, this app is very simple and clean. It even gives you some basic direction on how to upload and manipulate your image to best display it within a square space. The reason for this app is to be able to show an image in Instagram without cropping down to a square. Sometimes an image just doesn’t work as a square, you may need an entire horizontal or vertical shot, that’s why SquareReady exists.

The steps you take in SquareReady are:

1. Click the folder icon to go into the Camera Roll of your Iphone and choose the photograph you would like to manipulate.


2. Select one of the options along the bottom row to show how you would like the image to appear once edited, for example you might select the third button from the left which will allow you to show a full vertical photograph without cropping.


3. Once you are pleased with the changes, click the export button on the upper right of the screen. It will give you several options on what you would like to do with the image. If you are editing for Instagram, simply select save to Camera Roll and exit the app.


Now go into the Instagram app and upload the image using the center ‘Share’ button and edit how you please. The image will show up as a vertical or horizonal image with white borders. Those borders are not visible in Instagram because of the white background on the Feed and Photos pages.

Happy Editing & Sharing


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