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Setting Photography Goals for the New Year – 2012 = A Year of Awesome – Tutorials, Quotes, Resources, Links


Let’s start off 2012 off right!

For those of us with hangovers from a tad too much fun in 2011 here are two recipes from the show The Doctors.

Hangover Smoothie Recipe – loaded with B6 to increase metabolism, potassium for depleted electrolytes, plus magnesium and honey to fuel your liver.

1 Cup Milk (Vitamin D),     1 Whole Banana (Vitamin B6 and Potassium),    1 TBSP Honey (Magnesium),    1 Cup Ice

Combine ingredients in a blender, blend well and feel better.

Now that you feel human again, take some time to plan out your photographic goals for the year 2012. Here are some links to some of my favorite resources and tips.

  • The most important piece of information i have to pass on is one of my all time favorite photography resource CreativeLive, an online classroom which allows you to watch a workshop live while they tap it, or purchase it at a later date to watch at your convenience. This is a great deal because the workshops cost anywhere from $99 to a couple hundred dollars and if you have the time to watch live it saves you money and you learn so much. Some of the most influential, inspirational and creative artists and professionals have been featured on CreativeLive in 2011, which only means 2012 will be even better. Seriously, sign up for their email list and you will get reminders on classes you can enroll and watch live! Do it now!
  • 50 Photoshop Tutorials, take some time to learn new techniques to take your photoshop skills above and beyond what you ever thought possible!
  • 15 Ways To Improve Your Photography Without Buying Gear – Take some advice from a fellow photographer and make the best of what you have with you. You don’t need few fancy gear to have a great 2012.
  • 20 Life Lessons From Steve Jobs – While there will be a whole crop of new influential and powerful people in 2012, you can take some time now to learn from one of those most influential people from our past year.
  • 37 Websites Everyone Photography Should Be Reading – this is a wonderful collection of photography resources to teach you skills, inspire you and let you in on the happenings of the photography world.
  • 13 Places Every Photographer Should See Before They Die – Plan a trip, dream big and make it happen.
  • Find Your Thing and Do That Thing – Take some advice from Chase Jarvis and while you are at it, follow his blog and Chase Jarvis LIVE he interviews some incredible artists, performers and creatives.
  • InfoGraphic: What Makes Content Go Viral – Make some strides to make your twitter, facebook, blog post, video or any other internet post go viral. You never know what sort of things could go viral and make you WORLD FAMOUS!

I hope you enjoyed my list! It’s all for the love of photography.


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