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One thing I’ve unexpectedly fallen in love with has been commercial photography, it has been so fun getting to learn as much as I can about the small businesses around me that I love! Getting to help them with their photos has been incredibly rewarding knowing that keeping their photos looking great is contributing to them growing and kicking ass as businesses!

Here are some fun things I’ve learned about Sweet Cheeks Winery in the last year or so:

  • They have not one but two winery dogs; Charlie and Barley! Both are the best dogs ever and I love them already!
  • Sweet Cheeks was named that because the hill it resides on looks like a butt. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT ALREADY!?
  • Their Rosy Cheeks wine is the best wine made anywhere, ever.
  • Their staff has recently had a collective 5 babies in the last couple years, and they are all adorable!
  • They opened their doors on Thanksgiving day 2005 and have been an incredibly friendly, welcoming and relaxing stop ever since.
  • Ryan and I had one of our earliest dates at Sweet Cheeks!
  • They are just the best.


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Any time I get to shoot a wedding at Deepwoods is a fun time, I love how reliably amazing that venue is and how easy it is as a photographer to get around, find great locations for photos and how downright gorgeous it is! It’s a complete and total win in my book so getting to photograph so many weddings there is just a dream come true!

This wedding in particular was just a blast, they had a live band, doughnuts and an amazingly gorgeous ceremony. I loved to see the mixture of a classic traditional ceremony with the fun party atmosphere that a live band brings. And on top of everything, the florist hit it out of the park with all those amazing flowers and the bride’s dress was unlike any I have ever seen! It was flattering, intricate, so much fun to photograph and just the most perfect dress. I’m incredibly honored to have gotten to photograph this gorgeous day, it was one for the books!!

Wedding Vendors:

Venue: Deepwoods Events

Wedding Dress: Strut Bridal

Flowers: Wild Child Flower Co

Officiant: Nancy Lindahl

Second Photographer: Amanda Photographic 

Catering: Billy Macs

Live Music: My Band (Darlene Jackson)

Doughnuts: Voodoo Doughnut


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Anyone else having a weird Monday? It’s both gone by way too fast and felt like it has dragged on at the exact same time. Working from home can be such a vortex but such a delight, but at least my coworkers are fuzzy critters and I can work from my couch whenever I want!

If your Monday is turning out just as weird, you may need something to brighten your mood and keep you going through the evening. So here’s the sweetest little happy baby and wonderful little family.


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I had the honor of photographing Brianna & Michael’s maternity photos on a snowy day near Mount Ashland what felt like just a few months ago. BUT it has actually been about a year and they now have the cutest little one. This little lady was very skeptical of me, nothing but very worried eyebrows which you can still see in a few photos but we were able to all get more comfortable, she gave me a few piles of grass and flower petals and we were all on good terms! haha I’m so honored to get to follow my friends on these crazy life journeys and see them grow to have families and do amazing things!



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