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Florence Oregon Engagement // Heceta Head Lighthouse // Ally & Cameron

When I meet with couples to talk about their wedding, their plans and their engagement session I always make sure everyone knows that I am super happy to go on epic adventures together. ESPECIALLY if the location is someplace gorgeous, sentimental or both! Not all couples take me up on the offer and opt for something closer to home, but I was so excited when Ally and Cameron suggested we meet in Florence and run around together for the afternoon. We had a loose plan and two locations picked out and just explored, chatted and had fun along the way. Not only is this a blast, but I get to know them so much better, get to hear their love story and get to share some of my stories!

These two were so much fun to get to know! You’d be amazed to know that despite not knowing each other for very long before Ally had to move across the world for work, they were able to find a way to make a new budding relationship thrive while dealing with the long distance. They had shared meals, via facetime, they sent photos and texts about their experiences and stayed in very close contact through every step of their days/weeks/months. This, I’m sure was no easy task, it takes love, desire and sooooo much commitment to keep up with a long distance relationship! I’m so happy for them, so encouraged and so excited to see them get married in February!


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