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It’s Raining! What To Expect If Rain Ruins Your Wedding Day Photography Plans

The first and most important thing to remember is that rain on your wedding day is not a disaster nor a reason to panic. Plus, rain on your wedding day is good luck, remember that!!

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While I have to say it has only rained on ONE of my weddings ever (maybe I’m good luck!), working around the rain and getting incredible images despite the less than ideal weather is entirely do-able! In fact, the cloud cover that comes with the rainy day is actually incredibly flattering, it diffuses the light just as a studio umbrella or softbox would. Meaning you won’t have any unflattering shadows, no harsh lines or squinting eyes, just a whole lot of gorgeousness.

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While planning your wedding, especially in Oregon, just assume there may be some rain so you have the appropriate gear just in case. Clear umbrellas are so much fun in photos, snag a few of them (I purchased this one at Target) and get a few tents if you are having an outdoor wedding. Remember to have a small tent or covered area for the bride to hide out before the ceremony so no one can see her.
Stevi Sayler Photography /// ItPINIMAGEIf you are able to, utilize any areas that are covered from the rain, gazebos, large trees and awnings can be life savers on a rainy day. Tents for guests are a must, no one wants to sit in the rain! Stevi Sayler Photography /// ItPINIMAGEIf you suspect there may be rain on your wedding day, tell your bridesmaids and groomsmen to come prepared, bring umbrellas and closed toed shoes to make sure they stay warm and dry. Extra hairspray and styling products may be needed between ceremony and reception.

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Make sure to be flexible, there may be breaks in the rain that you can sneak in gorgeous outdoor shots. No one will ever know it was a rainy day in those shots! Your photographer should be prepared with covering for their gear so they will be more than ready to run out between rain clouds to get those shots and run back in if the rain starts again!


Finally, just have fun. It’s your wedding day, rain or shine, it’s a beautiful day.

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