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Eugene Crossfit – My Newest and Craziest Addiction


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Starting in January of this year, I finally decided to bite the bullet, drink the Koolaid and try Crossfit.

Going into it I was nervous and awkward. Having done low impact high cardio sports (Crew and swimming) I was completely inexperienced with lifting and with the basic structure of a crossfit workout. Skinny girl arms and an ability to do cardio for extended periods of time were not skills that would be especially useful here.

After a few (ok many many many) awkward classes and struggles I finally feel like I have at least a few movements and the basic workout structure figured out and a new group of friends to encourage me as I learn my way through this new sport.

A few months in, I have started to notice some wonderful changes in my body. I have more muscle, but not the awkward giant man shoulders of the crew and swimming days, but rather stronger abs, legs and more toned arms. I’ve gained weight, but feel more slender and toned and my overall endurance has improved.

I share all of this because, well it’s my blog, I do what I want! Also, to share a wonderful new hobby of mine and to explain to you that Stevi Sayler Photography will be expanding from weddings and portraiture to add some fitness and commercial photography. This doesn’t mean my blog or facebook will become all crossfit all the time, but it will have a little more variety. A wedding one day, waffle photos the next and ending the week with crossfit and a glamour shoot may not be out of the ordinary. Just keeping you on your toes. 😉

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