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Stressing About Having Your Photo Taken? Here Are 3 Things I Always Do.

I know for most of us, having our picture taken is a nerve wracking situation and on more than one occasion those photographs have turned out less than flattering (and probably ended up online). I cannot tell you how many terrible pictures of myself I’ve accumulated over the years with cheesy grins, double chins and crazy hair. That was until I became a photographer, learned some fantastic tricks and started hanging out with other photographers. Having a skilled photographer take your picture is by far the most important step to getting an amazing looking shot, they know the right angles, the right poses and have the technical skill to capture an image you love. Beyond getting yourself a great photographer, here are some tricks I’ve picked up over the years to look better in photographs:

SteviSaylerPhotography_0135PINIMAGE1. Do something you love, for me that is playing with my camera and taking pictures so I was able to relax, smile and laugh all while the amazing Cat Dossett of I Take Photos snapped away and took some of my favorite photographs of myself. Bringing in the camera was a great way to show some of my personality and my passion and to make myself feel comfortable. Try bringing something or someone along to your shoot that you love.

SteviSaylerPhotography_0132PINIMAGE2. A big smile and an angle to your body can make a huge difference. Everyone looks better with a smile… I think thats a song or saying. But it’s true, you look radiant and fun when you flash a smile! Additionally, that angle to your body will make you look thinner and flatter your features. A great way to ensure your smile looks natural is to take your tongue and press it against your top front teeth, or the roof of your mouth, this forces your jaw to relax and look more natural. Knowledge bomb dropped.


3. Connection with the lens can make for a killer shot! Look directly into the lens, if you are looking at the photographer, at the camera body or off above the camera, you can tell in the photos. You will look distant or distracted. That connection and look right into the lens creates connection in the photograph. You look more approachable, kind and appealing that way. Lydia Gillis Photography captured this photo.


Bonus: Wear your favorite Santa sweater vest, regardless of the weather, just do it.

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