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Unique and Fun Send Off Ideas For Weddings

Gone are the days of throwing rice or bird seed. This tradition was introduced to me when I was just a little kid as the flower girl of several weddings, I watched with confusion as the bride and groom were pummeled with bird seed and it felt strange. How many times in ones life would a couple ask their friends and family to throw handfuls projectiles right at them? Haha bizarre right?! With this in mind, I’m definitely more partial to the unique and fun send off ideas I see at weddings today! Friends with sparkles form a long tunnel that the bride and groom, hand in hand run through as their family and friends yell and cheer for them and wish them well as they begin their life as a newly married couple.

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While sparkler exits are fun and exciting, they are also beginning to get ultra popular and oh so common. Being unique and different are often the goal of couples as they plan their wedding so I thought I would share with you some unique wedding exits from around the internet to help you find something new, wild and so much fun!

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Pom poms are inexpensive, soft, colorful and fun. Definitely a fantastic thing to toss instead of rice or birdseed!

Where to Buy: Amazon & Michaels

Photo Cred: Megan & Seth Photography 


Fruity Pebbles send off! Toss this colorful and tasty cereal for a quick snack as you leave! So fun!

Where to Buy: Safeway, Albertsons or your local grocery store

Photo Cred: Katelyn James Photography 


Perfect for a 4th of July wedding, get American flags of every size and wave them like crazy!

Where to Buy: Oriental Trading 

Photo Cred: Corinna Raznikov Photography 


Release lanterns, make a wish and watch it float off into the sky. These are fantastic, gorgeous and bio degradable so they are not damaging to the environment!

Where to Buy: Ebay

Photo Cred: ME

Gold Confetti as a Send OffPINIMAGE

Gold confetti or sequins are perfect for tossing, just make sure it’s allowed at your venue. Sequins might be tough to clean out of grass!

Where to Buy: Amazon

Photo Cred: Nancy Ebert Photography


Ribbon wands with bells are a great wedding favor and a fantastic way make some noise at the send off!

Where to Buy: Etsy

Photo Cred: Carla Gates Photography


Confetti is a killer thing to toss at the end of the wedding, it’s colorful, fun and won’t hurt when you get hit! Bonus points if you get eco friendly confetti that dissolves instead of damages the environment!

Where to Buy: Save On Crafts

Photo Cred: Holli B Photography 

The most important thing about your send off is to have fun, remember to try to be eco friendly and be unique!

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