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What I LOVE about Weddings



As wedding season approaches, and my first wedding of the year is just DAYS away! I am reflecting on my past weddings and my choice to become a wedding photographer. I realize that I’ve never shared some of the things I love the most about photographing weddings. Here are some of my top reasons why I LOVE being a wedding photographer.

  • LOVE, I know every photographer says this, but being involved in a day that is all about love and celebrating the union of a couple is just such a touching and wonderful thing. 
  • The grandeur of the day, large events, always something to photograph and it keeps me on my toes every moment of the day
  • The wedding environment, all the guests show up looking fantastic and are ready to eat, drink and be merry. It is rare that someone will shy away from my camera at a wedding, they know they look good and they want to just celebrate the day and have their photograph taken. It’s a whole different environment for a photographer!
  • Um… CANDY BARS! An entire buffet set up with candy. How can you say no to an event that will send you home with bags of candy!?
  • Tradition, it’s wonderful to see the various traditions and to hear how they have continued down through generations and the way that each couple can put their own spin on an age old tradition.
  • I absolutely adore a good wedding dress, lord knows they can be bad, but I’ve been lucky in the past to photograph brides you have STUNNING dresses, unique shoes and if I’m real lucky a gorgeous veil!
  • As you can tell from my photos above, i LOVE a dramatic kiss. Is there anything better than a big, dramatic dip?!?
  • I could seriously list things forever, but above all I love being a part of a life changing, spectacular day in a couple’s life and I work tirelessly to give them photographs that accurately and beautifully capture their day.
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  • Elysia Charli Majdecki - Beautiful pics!! Love your reasons for loving wedding photography. Especially the candy bar one!! ;D ReplyCancel