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CreativeLIVE Adventure! 28 Days With Sue Bryce!


Two years ago, my life and my career was forever changed by the simple forwarding of an online link. A photographer friend of mine thought I would love to check out the work and the online workshop of Jasmine Star, she just happened to be speaking on this website called CreativeLIVE. I signed up and tuned in for three days I sat, notepad in hand taking in every second of this course.  From that day on, I signed up to watch every course I could get my hands on and anxiously anticipated each new speaker. It truly shook my world, changed my art and connected me with artists, creatives and photographers all around the world. If you are new to photography, and have not heard of CreativeLIVE, get off my website this moment and go sign up. What I have to tell you isn’t half of what they can provide!! This website allows anyone to become a member and watch these amazing speakers for free, the catch is, you have to watch it live (hence the CreativeLIVE) Should you be busy, you can purchase the course at a discount while it’s live or at full price any point afterwards. This is hands down the best investment of time and money you can make. 

Now, to tell you about Monday, a simply life changing day. One for the record books for sure. Monday was the day I was able to attend my first live CreativeLIVE course. This was not just any course, it was the final day of Sue Bryce‘s month long course; 28 Days With Sue teaching photographers all around the world to love GLAMOUR and to follow in her footsteps to become successful glamour and portrait photographers. She started off the course with a full two days of amazing information and motivation, followed by an hour to two hour long video centered around an aspect of photography, posing, techniques, business practices and inspiration. The final day, which I got to attend was devoted to recapping each of the important topics and further in-depth conversations on Marketing and Money. She had everyone in tears by the end as we learned to break through our hold ups and our fears around money and success. By the end of the day, I felt almost every emotion, I was excited, motivated, nervous, happy, tearful and ready to take on new aspects of glamour.

To say I was all over the place was an understatement, but I was happy and eager to pull it together to head to the wrap party. After each course, the staff, studio audience and the speaker all head out to get drinks, decompress and talk excitedly about plans and goals. This was absolutely wonderful because everyone got a chance to meet Sue, meet models we have seen in the videos and meet all the CreativeLIVE staff, some of which we see on screen with every course. I was pleasantly surprised at how incredibly kind everyone was, especially those who work at CreativeLIVE, they spent all day working hard and running a super efficient studio and they still had the energy and passion to sit and talk with us about everything surrounding the photography/video industry.  I was kicking myself for not knowing about CreativeLIVE when I lived in Seattle two years ago, I seriously would have been at their doors about every other day begging to let me in! It seems like such a blast and an incredible way to meet all sorts of kick ass photographers! I cannot wait to attend more live courses, my goal for 2013 is to get on as many as possible!!!


Now for some quotes from the amazing Sue Bryce:

“This world is abundant. And your choice to struggle is your choice.”

“You are  professional photographers, it’s time to start acting like one!”

“Money is abundant and I choose not to see that it’s not.”

“I just try to take the best photograph I’ve ever taken this week. And not on how much client will spend.”

“The idea is to take shots they HAVE to buy because they look so gorgeous!”

“Do Your research. dont just show up and not be good enough. show up and be the best.”

 Life changing is an understatement, I seriously idolize Sue Bryce and have for years, I cannot believe I got to hear her speak, got to talk to her and I get to follow her advice to make me the best glamour and wedding photographer I can be. When it comes to describing her influence on me and her skill as a photographer and speaker, I am having trouble finding the words, she shakes worlds, she makes people question their way of doing things and she has completely revitalized and reprised glamour photography. What was once thought of as cheesy and left in the past, is now thought of as high-end, beautiful and highly sought after. Because of her, I have chosen to focus my efforts on only weddings and glamour, this has taken a lot of thought and planning, but I will be officially launching a glamour line of my own, with my own spin on it! Watch out Sue, Eugene and the world, I’m coming for you. 




The lovely moderators and photographers, Susan Roderick and Kenna Klosterman.


Also, a major thanks to HANNAH TOWNSEND for letting me stay with her on my random Seattle trips, I LOVE her more than unicorns, puppies and froyo combined.


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